The passionate artists who once called upon, could not help but join our fight to protect and preserve both Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments for generations to come. 

alisha anderson

sarah baugh

roxanne bergener

paky callahan

benjamin dodd

samantha franklin

savannah holder


judy kim

zan maddox

alec mckeand

matt plays

stephen rockwood

andrea slusarski


jen sturm

marc toso


sarah uhl


tyana arviso

dustin baugh

mason boring

aaron colussi

crystal dipietro

claire giordano

kelsey putman hughes

lauren lacourciere

rosie mansfield

stevi mcneill

dani reyes-acosta

lauren sarantopulos

sheri smith

blake suarez

mollie thompson

kami york-feirn

lapita arviso

julia ben-asher

kelsey brasseur

evan curtis

josh ewing

molly harrison

victoria jarvis

tamara lavalla

tyler marlow

tommy nease

corey robinson

lauren segarra

joanna spindler

hallie rose taylor

crystal tyndall