How can I get involved with 85for85?

  1. Contribute a work to be included in the final book. 
  2. Contribute to the production of the book as a sponsor.
  3. Purchase the final book when it is available during pre-sale. 
  4. Spread the word via social media and actually talking about this issue with others! Take a look at some of these great resources on the issue.

What kind of artwork will be in this book?

We will be collecting a variety of pieces from artists all over. There will be photographs, paintings, drawings, mixed media works, poems, personal essays, and more. 

When can I expect my book to arrive?

We intend to ship out book at the start of July. We will keep you updated with the process and send out notifications when your book is on its way to you. 

PLEASE NOTE: The production of the books purchased is contingent on meeting a minimum order requirement of 250 books. If we do not meet this minimum by June 3, then the book will not go to print and you will be fully refunded if you made a purchase. 

our projected timeline:

June 3 - pre-sales end

June 10 - Book goes to print

July 10 - Books ship 

July 15 - All proceeds from the 85for85 project will BE donated

Why isn't this project on Kickstarter?

While we would have loved to launch our project there, we learned that any money raised through Kickstarter cannot be donated to non-profit organizations. So that was a no-go...